•    This section can be used as a reference for for various items for Social Studies.  You will find the following in this section:

    1. Classroom Rules & Regulations

                  This is a copy of the rules and regulations that you should have signed at the beginning of the school year.

        2.  Classroom Notes

                  A copy of classroom notes are available.  Also, most worksheets, readings and other class activities will be available.  However, if there is ever a question or concern about what was assigned your son/daughter may want to speak to me directly.

          This section is divided into 7th Grade Classroom Notes and 8th Grade Classroom Notes. Please make sure you are viewing the correct portion of the website.

     3.    White's Do's & Don'ts of Essay Writing

         This resource should be viewed by students when it comes time for writing a DBQ Essay.  My expectations are made very clear about what I will and will not accept in writing a DBQ Essay. This guide has been very helpful for students to ensure that the essay provides them an opportunity to promote their intelliegence and write and well thought out and formal essay.

    4.   September 11, 2001 PowerPoint

         September 11,2001 was one of the most devastating days that our country has known. As time has passed, so has the amount of information that students know about the event. This PowerPoint is designed bringing the FACTS about 9-11 to the forefront.

    Lynching: An American Justice System

                This section will allow for students to view first hand a very tragic part of our country's history.  All information in this section is factual & the pictures are real.  However, some of the pictures are very graphic & you may not wish to view them.  Students will see that lynching had an impact on the country as a whole and various races of people were impacted by it tragic use.



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