• Health Office Information

    Our Health Office is staffed by Mrs. Lisa Secor.


    The Health Office direct phone number is (585)247-2288 and fax number is (585)340-5561 


    If a physician feels it is necessary to administer medication in school, the following procedures must be followed:

    • Written orders from the physician are submitted to school.

    • Written consent from parents/guardians is submitted to school.

    • Medication must be brought to school by an adult. Students are not allowed to transport medication of any kind back and forth to school.

    • This includes prescription medications and over-the-counter medicines or treatments. 

    • All medications must be in their original labeled container.

    • Students are forbidden from sharing any medication with any other students. This is highly unsafe and may result in significant disciplinary consequences.


    • New York State Public Health Law, Section 2164, requires that all children in school have up-to-date immunization records. 

    • The New York State Department of Health recently revised immunization requirements, so parents should contact their Pediatrician annually to make sure their child's record is in compliance.

    • No child can be admitted into school without medical proof of proper immunizations.

    Physical Examinations:

    • Students who are new to the district and all students in grades K, 1, 3 and 5 are required to have physical examinations.

    • At the time of registration or before the end of September, parents must notify the Health Office if the examination is to be done by the child's private Physician or the District Nurse Practitioner.

     First Aid:

    • Schools are authorized to give emergency care to students with school-related injuries only.

    • It is imperative that we have alternate contacts in case a parent cannot be reached at the time of an illness or injury. Please provide accurate and updated names and phone numbers for neighbors, friends or relatives with whom you have made arrangements. These contacts need to be listed in your child's Parent Portal contact list. Please call the main office to have any information adjusted at (585)247-3190.


    • Children receive vision and hearing checks at certain grade levels.

    • Kindergarten children are also checked for near acuity and color perception (medical referral is not necessary for color perception, but parents and teachers should have this information).

    • Girls in 5th grade receive scoliosis screening. Checking for scoliosis is done in the Health Office.

    • If a problem is found in any of these screenings, parents will be provided with referral information from the child's physician.

    • A personal health record is kept for each student, and this record will follow your child through the Gates Chili Schools.

    Physical Education Excuses:

    • If it becomes necessary for a student to be excused from physical education for 2 days, a written excuse from a private physician detailing the reason and length of exclusion must be filed with the Health Office.

    Please see the district website for any COVID related updates