• Absences & Tardies

    Our School District Code of Conduct and Character states our belief that there is a positive correlation between school attendance patterns and academic achievement. Excessive absences, tardies and early departures undermine a student's academic success. Many educational experiences take place during the school day that cannot be "made up".

     If your child will be absent for any reason, please follow these steps:

         1. Telephone and leave a message on the attendance phone on the first day of absence to report the reason (585) 340-5546.

    Failure to report a child's absence the morning that he/she is not in school will result in an automated call system contacting all of the phone numbers listed for that student.

         2. Send your child in with a written excuse when he/she returns to school from each absence.

    Students will be marked tardy if they arrive after 9:00am. Absences are considered "excused" for the following reasons:

    • Illness (contact the Health Office for the latest information on treatment of illnesses at 247-2288.)

    • Illness or death in the family

    • Court Summons

    • Medical Appointments

    If your child visits a doctor for an injury, please make sure to provide us with documentation stating if and when they return or can return to physical activity.