• Visitors & Visitor Parking

    Visitors are Welcome!

    The Gates Chili Central School District is committed to the safety and security of all students, staff and visitors to our schools. To help us with this, we have a Visitor Management System.

    The Visitor Management System helps us accomplish the following:

    • Electronically tag/track visitors upon check-in.

    • Print visitor identification badges.

    • Screen all visitors against the National sex offender Database. 

    • Provide real-time sex offender alerts.

    Visitor Procedure: Here's what to expect when you visit any school building during regular school hours.

    • For first-time access, your driver's license or other form of valid government issued photo ID will need to be scanned. You will be required to show your ID on subsequent visits, but it will not need to be scanned again.

    • After approval, an ID badge will be printed, which you will be required to wear for the duration of your visit.

    • After your business in school is concluded,  you will return to the place of check-in to check out.

    Please note the additional visitor policy regulations below.

    • Visitors attending evening school functions open to the public are not required to register at the school's Main Office.

    • To ensure the safety of all students and to ensure that adequate seating will be available during mealtimes, visits will need to be authorized 24 hours in advance unless the building Principal or his or her designee have specifically authorized an alternate arrangement.

    • No visitors will be allowed into a classroom without prior arrangement. See building administrators for assistance for times when you need to talk to a teacher immediately- they are there to help you.

    • All visitors are expected to follow the Spartan Way as well as the District code of Conduct and Character.

    • Neil Armstrong's staff joins the Board of Education in encouraging parents and other District citizens to visit the school to observe the work of students, teachers, and staff. Since schools are a place of work and learning and the building principal or his or her designee is responsible for all persons in the building and on the grounds, certain limits must be set for such visits.

    Attention to these rules is very much appreciated. 


    Please click Parking at Armstrong for details about where to park when you visit Armstrong or pick up or drop off students.