• Code of Conduct & Character and The Spartan Way

     The Code of Conduct and Character describes the rules for maintaining a safe and respectful school environment. It can be found in it's entirety on the district website HERE.

    Students are taught the Codes of Conduct and Character in developmentally appropriate ways throughout the year. Information in the Code of Conduct and Character is grounded in the Spartan Way values: 

                   Respect     Responsibility     Compassion     Hardwork

    The Code of Conduct and Character applies to all members of our school community, including students, staff, parents and visitors. We need your help, parents and guardians! Please teach and reinforce this information to your children.

    Use of Cell Phones & Electronics and Items from home:

     Cell Phones & Electronics:

    • Telephones are available in every classroom and may be used by students with the teacher's permission.

    • Parents are encouraged to carefully consider when students are responsible enough to use personal cell phones.

    • Students may NOT carry cell phones during the school day. 

    • Students can leave personal cell phones TURNED OFF in their backpacks or with the teacher (with the teacher's consent).

    • Any recording (video, audio, phone) of others is prohibited.

    • Consequences for carrying cell phones during the school day include confiscating the phone, requiring an adult to pick up the confiscated phone, and detention for a first offense. Consequences escalate on reoccurrence. These same rules apply to all electronic devices.

    • The Code of Conduct and Character details further information regarding the use of cell phones/electronic devices.

    Items from Home:

    • Parents are asked to discourage children from bringing any items from home to school without a specific, known purpose (such as sharing for class). 

    • The school cannot be held responsible for valuable personal items, including items that have been loaned to friends. A general rule about leaving these items at home helps.

    Questions about the appropriateness of certain items from home can be directed to the classroom teacher.