• Literacy, Math and Speech Intervention

    This school year, our team will be providing service through push-in and pull-out services in all grades, K-5. The intensity of service can vary depending on the specific academic needs of each student. Service will be determined by classroom and state assessments, progress reports, and teacher recommendations.

    Below are our LITERACY Intervention Teachers. Click any name to email these teachers:


    Mrs. Sarah Beers

    Ms. Dailey

    Ms. Cassidy Dailey

    Mrs. Kulikowski

    Mrs. Jenn Kulikowski

    Ms. Kim

    Ms. Lilian Kim


    Mrs. Marlene Ludlow


  • Speech Pathologists

    School Speech Pathologists work with students Grades K-5 to address any speech and language needs the students may have. 

    • Speech-language pathologists help kids with all types of language and communication issues.
    • They’re often part of the special education team at school.
    • They may work with kids one-on-one or in small groups, or they may co-teach lessons with the classroom teacher.

    These specialists are trained to work on many types of learning differences, including:

    • Dyslexia
    • Auditory processing disorder
    • Language disorders
    • Social communication disorder

    Below are our Neil Armstrong SPEECH PATHOLOGISTS, you can click on their name to email them:


    Mrs. Caroline Tiede (left), Mrs. Amy Beaulieu (right)