• Occupational & Physical Therapy

    The focus of Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physical Therapy (PT) services in a school setting is to promote functional independence or participation within the educational environment through purposeful and goal-directed activities. Federal law mandates that OT and PT services in the school system be educationally relevant.

    Who provides the services?
    Services are provided by a licensed occupational or physical therapist. A therapist is a trained health care professional who has knowledge of neuroscience, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and normal motor development.

    Occupational Therapy
    A school-based OT program targets those students who demonstrate evidence of a fine motor, sensory integrative and /or visual perceptual problem that is interfering with their academic achievement.

    Physical Therapy
    A school-based PT program targets those students who demonstrate evidence of limited mobility, range of motion, balance, coordination, strength and endurance, which is interfering with their ability to benefit from educational experiences.

    Below are Neil Armstrong's PT and OT Staff. To email them, click their name:

    Mrs. DeMarsico

    Mrs. Pamela DeMarsico- PT



    Mrs. Jennifer Fackelman- OT