Healthy Booklist

  • The book list provided below is a good resource for you when doing research for homework assignments or specific class topics. The books are organized by groups for easy reference. Simply click on the book title link to view additional information.

Body Systems


  • Shelly The Hyperactive Turtle

    by Deborah M. Moss Year Published:
    A way to explain Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder to preschool or primary aged children
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  • Through Grandpa's Eyes

    by Patricia MacLachlan Year Published:
    Jody's Grandpa is blind. But Grandpa has his own way of seeing. And for John this makes a day spent with Grandpa an adventure - of new sounds and smells and ways of doing everyday things.
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  • Dirt Boy

    by Erk Jon Slangerup Year Published:

    Fister Farnello loves dirt! And when his mom tries to make him take a bath, he escapes to the woods, only to meet someone who hasn't bathed in a long time. He learns the importance of good hygiene in a fun way.

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  • Germs Make Me Sick!

    by Melvin Berger Year Published:

    One day you feel fine; the next day your throat hurts, your head aches and you have a fever. You have caught a germ. Find out why some germs cause illness and how your body fights them off to make you well again.

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  • Wash Your Hands

    by Tony Ross Year Published: Easy Reading
    The Little Princess loves getting her hands dirty. Problem is ... she hates washing them. That is, until she hears about the nasties, dirties and other HORRIBLE things.
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General Health

Stress Management

  • Every Time I Blow My Top I Lose My Head!

    by Laura Slap-Shelton and Lawrence Shapiro Year Published:

    Discover a number of useful techniques for dealing with stressful situations. This book features a definition of stress, how to recognize stress, how to deal with stress, tips for living a low-stress life and advice for parents on how to help their children deal with stress.

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  • Stress Can Really Get on Your Nerves

    by Trevor Romain and Elizabeth Verdick Year Published:
    Ways to handle stress (and ways NOT to handle stress)
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