• Progress Reports (Report Cards)

    • Student Progress Reports are designed to evaluate and communicate student progress over the 40-week school  year in all subject areas using New York State Standards and Gates Chili's grade level standards.

    • Progress Reports are published in the Parent Portal three times per year.

    • Progress reports represent only one component of the District's system of assessment. Families in each elementary school community are encouraged to review school newsletters, classroom notes, teacher and school-based websites and samples of student work to fully understand and support your child's growth as a learner.

    • Parent conferences are held annually around the first trimester mark (Nov.-Dec.) so that parents can discuss how their child is adjusting to school, his or her academic progress and goals, and how families and teachers can partner to achieve these goals.

    If you have any questions about your child's progress, you can also request a parent-teacher conference at any time during the school year.