Latin Honors System

  • The Gates Chili Central School District challenges its students to maximize their potential with an increased focus on expanding students' academic and intellectual risks. The district seeks to do so by encouraging students to participate in rigorous coursework and seek career pathways to a bright future.

    Beginning with the Gates Chili High School Class of 2025, students will have an opportunity to earn distinctions at graduation through a Latin honors system. Latin honor designation falls into three categories, each with its own minimum unweighted cumulative GPA requirement. These include:

    Summa Cum Laude (with highest honor): 95.0-100.0
    Magna Cum Laude (with great honor): 90.0-94.99
    Cum Laude (with honor): 85.0-89.99

    The Latin honors structure replaces the rank system that positioned students according to their weighted grade point average. With this system, Gates Chili HS aligns itself with college practices and also provides the opportunity to recognize more students for their many achievements.

    To learn more, click on the PowerPoint presentation below.