Resources for finding Service Learning experiences

  • Especially for Dynamics of Citizenship students:

    guidelines for successful completion of service hours





    Guidelines for successful completion of service hours


    -          Choose something that interests you. For example, if you are considering a career in elementary education, consider doing a placement with children. The experience may reinforce your career choice or change your mind.


    -          Determine when you can invest the time to serve. If you are an athlete, weekends may work better for you. If you are employed in a job after school, what days are best for you to do your service hours? Do you have a double free period during the school day that may make that time slot a possibility?


    -          Do not procrastinate; begin investigating your options now. You will have more time and opportunities to make your experience meaningful.



    -          Making the contact: Prepare some notes for your first contact with the agencies:


    “Hello, my name is ____. I am a student at Gates Chili High School interested in volunteering with your organization. I need to complete (how many?) hours by (date) to fulfill my service requirement for my Dynamics of Citizenship class. I would be interested in learning more about ….”



    -          Once you have agreed to a placement, follow through with your commitment. Other people are depending on you to show up. You should treat that time as locked in as a priority. If you are employed, let your supervisor know your schedule. If a teacher asks you to stay after school, politely let the teacher know that you are committed to a service placement and offer an alternative meeting time. If you are sick or for some other emergency situation you cannot make it to your service placement, you are required to notify the placement supervisor. Do not leave them waiting for you!


    -          Make a difference to yourself and others.  Make your service time worthwhile for the recipients and for yourself. Go beyond your own comfort zone and you will find the experience meaningful and memorable.


    -          Please note: ***Volunteer hours for DOC must be completed OUTSIDE of your regular school day…you cannot sign out of school early to complete DOC hours.***


    -          If you have any questions regarding a service placement to meet the requirements of this class, you can contact Ms. LaManna, Service Learning Coordinator at:



    by email:

    by phone:        247-5050 x31114

    in person:        Ms. LaManna will generally be available at the High School in her office (room 333) between 1:30 and 3:00 PM; and is available to meet other times during the day by appointment. Contact by email at






     Check out the resources below for ideas on volunteer opportunities.




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