• It is usually considered best practice for medications to be dispensed by the parent/guardian at home. However, children sometimes need medication during the school day.  At school, we are directed by specific rules regarding the dispensing of medication – even over-the-counter medications (ie. ibuprofen, tylenol, cough drops, etc). Medication is dispensed by trained school personnel only under these conditions: 

    • a written order is on file from a physician (even for over the counter medications)
    • written permission from parent/guardian is on file in the health office
    • medication must be brought to school by an adult in its original container- no loose pills or unlabeled inhalers. This applies to prescription medications as well as over-the-counter medications including Tylenol, cough drops and medicated creams.The only exception is emergency medications such as Epi-Pens, albuterol inhalers and diabetic supplies for which the student is deemed able to "self carry" by a medical provider. This means they can recognize their medication and know when & how to use it.