The Brasser Way


    The Brasser Way is posted and taught in every classroom and reinforced by the entire staff. Students are expected to demonstrate this behavior everywhere: in the classroom, on the playground, the school bus, in the cafeteria and even at home!

     To reinforce The Brasser Way and to assist in carrying out emotional health curriculum standards, a program called Second Step is taught at every grade level. The responsibility for this instruction is carried out by the school nurse teacher, the school caseworker and the school psychologist. Second Step is a program designed to reduce impulsive, aggressive behavior in children and to help them learn how to get along with others. Three major components of the program include empathy training (identifying feelings), impulse control (problem solving), and anger management.

    The Brasser Way is directly tied to the Gates Chili's Spartan Way which is accomplished through a District-wide commitment to building Relationships, Rigor and Relevance.


Brasser Bear