Attendance/ Absences

  • If your student will not be in school, please call the Main Office at 247-1880 or the health office at 247-4660. A message can be left on voicemail 24 hours a day. You may also email the school nurse and/or the attendance clerk. Your assistance with this will help to ensure the safety of your child and is also helpful in keeping the Health Office aware of contagious illnesses present in our school.

    When Do I Keep My Child Home From School?

    The following is a guide and not exhaustive of all situations:

    • A fever of 100° or higher. Keep home until 24 hours fever free without fever-reducing medications
    • Any contagious viral infection, until cleared by physican.
    • Upper respiratory infections (ie. common cold) that are disruptive to your child's day (ie. frequent coughing, constant sniffling or sneezing, unable to wear a mask)
    • Any new rash, until you know the cause
    • Head lice, scabies, pinworm, and ringworm, until treatment has begun
    • Stomachaches that bring diarrhea or vomiting. Keep home until 24 hours after last episode.
    • Strep throat, until 24 hours after starting antibiotics
    • Chickenpox, until the scabs heal over (about a week)
    • Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease until blisters heal or cleared by doctor