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Together we teach and inspire excellence for all learners

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    Welcome to the Florence Brasser School Website


    Dear Florence Brasser Families;

    “Together we teach and inspire excellence for all learners.” -District Mission

     “Learning together, Leading together, Achieving together” -Building Vision


    Brasser Elementary welcomes the family –school partnership:

    •  We look forward to working with you and your child in learning.  How will you learn togetheralongside your child to support their education? 
    • We look forward to working with families in providing opportunities for meaningful feedback and input in assisting our school.  How will you support your child and school in leading togetherwith us in making Florence Brasser the best school possible? 
    • We look forward to celebrating great accomplishments together.  How will you work with us in supporting your child’s academic achievementgrowth?



    Brasser Elementary is implementing a school-wide positive behavior system that seeks to teach expected behaviors in school and then reinforcees those expectations by earning tickets.

    When school started, students learned and practiced expected behaviors in the cafeteria, playground and hallways. When they are “caught” showing the Brasser Way in those areas, they can earn a red ticket. As an entire school, we set a goal of earning 2,000 tickets. Once this number has been reached, we reward ourselves with fun experiences and activities. Students are learning that positive things happen when we make good choices. To date, our students have already earned a glow stick dance party and pajama/yoga day. We are so proud of them!

    Moving forward, this is a framework that takes multiple years to become part of the building culture. We will continue to add more focus areas around the school and develop more ways to recognize students for following the Brasser Way: Respect, Responsibility, Compassion and Hard Work.






    Tim Young,                   



    Meghan Bello,

    Assistant Principal



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