• Attendance


    Regular attendance is essential to your child’s academic success. However, when an absence is unavoidable, please contact the health office at 247-4660. If we do not hear from you by 9:30, an automated phone call will be delivered to your phones.  Please help us by communicating your child's absence as soon as possible.

    Students are required to bring a written excuse to the teacher on the day they return to school. These notes must be signed by a parent or guardian and should include the date and reason for the absence.

    Whenever possible, please schedule appointments outside the school day and plan vacations to coincide with school recesses. If such accommodations are not possible, send in a written excuse to your child’s teacher prior to any medical appointments, vacation or other planned absences. This will avoid a phone call home. We emphasize the importance of a good attendance record. Your support with this is needed to assist in minimizing the interruption of learning that occurs when children are absent when school is in session. Even though we encourage the best attendance possible, children do become ill. Please do not send a child to school with signs and/or symptoms of illness. Your child’s health is a priority. Keeping an ill child at home to recover is necessary. Immediate care to an illness prevents an extended absence from school and the spreading of the illness to others. Help us keep our school healthy!