School Improvement Team (SIT)

  • The Gates Chili School District has established a School Improvement Team (SIT) to promote a partnership between parents, teachers, school staff and administrators. Brasser's SIT is composed of three parents, three teachers, one non-instructional staff member and administration. The purpose of the team is to help improve the educational performance of students and support the district goals.


    The team meets regularly to oversee the implementation of school improvement goals. Consideration is given to educational issues that have a correlation to improve student achievement and also support the annual goals established by the Board of Education and Superintendent.  Parental input is encouraged and valued. Feel free to contact any Brasser representative with your ideas or opinions. If you would like to attend a meeting, check the SIT bulletin board outside the main office or contact the school office for the meeting schedule. The complete minutes are posted on the SIT bulletin board.  Also, if you would like to make a suggestion to Brasser Elementary, feel free in filling out a Parent/Community Feedback form on the lower left of this page.  Your involvement will help to make a difference!