• To report your child's absence, please call the Main Office:  247-2144

    Ms. Eyvette Walker, the School Nurse, is here to aid parents and the classroom teacher in maintaining each child's total well-being - physical, social, and emotional. Assisting Ms. Walker in the Health Office is Health Aide Ms. Jenna Mosher.

    A personal health record is kept on each child. Height and weight is recorded each year. Vision and hearing are screened on a yearly and as needed basis. Students in 5th grade are screened for scoliosis. Parents are notified of any condition needing medical intervention. Physical examinations are required for students entering kindergarten, grades 2-4 and all new entrants to Paul Road School. It is recommended that this be done by the child's physician. However, if this is not possible, arrangements can be made to have the examination done by the school physician, nurse practitioner, Jacqueline Dennison.


    Medication is administered to a student only when the family physician considers it absolutely necessary to prevent serious and perhaps fatal consequences (severe allergy to bee stings, for example). In such cases, the Nurse-Teacher must have a written order (this includes over-the-counter medicine as well as prescriptions) from the doctor plus a written request from the parents. The medicine is kept in a safe place in the Health Office.


    Please do not send a child to school with signs and symptoms of illness. Some specific situations are:

    • A fever 100.5 degrees or higher. (Please do not give Tylenol or ibuprofen and then send your child to school.  The cause of the fever does not go away and your child could still be contagious to others.)
    • Any rash not diagnosed by a physician.  
    • Head lice, scabies, pinworm and ringworm, until treatment has begun.
    • Diarrhea or vomiting that morning prior to school.
    • Strep throat until the result of the throat culture is known and, if positive, your child has been on antibiotics for 24 hours.
    • Chickenpox, until the scabs heal over (about a week).

    If a child becomes ill or is injured in school, the Nurse-Teacher will notify the parent. Emergency first aid is the only treatment that may be administered in school and is administered only for school-connected injuries. Responsibility for further treatment rest with the parents. If an ambulance must be called, the parent will be contacted first, if possible.

    Physical Education Excuses/Restrictions

    A note from a physician is required in order to excuse your child from class or restrict their activity for more than 2 consecutive phys ed classes.  An excuse from PE also restricts playground activity for the length of the excuse.

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