Paul Road Administration

    Principal: Mrs. Andraya Cutaia


    Mrs. Cutaia is a proud graduate of Gates Chili Central School district, and was thrilled to come back to her alma mater as the principal of Paul Road Elementary School in 2022. Previously, she served as an elementary assistant principal in Geneva, and as a middle school assistant principal in Brockport. She has over ten years of experience as an elementary teacher, having taught in both Brockport and Fairfax, VA. 

    Mrs. Cutaia and her husband have a son and a daughter. Their son is an elementary student who loves to play baseball and hockey. Their daughter was born in the winter of 2022 and is just starting to show her silly and spunky personality. They also have a ten-year-old yorkie named Marco.

    Mrs. Cutaia is honored to be a part of the Paul Road community and is excited for the coming school year!

    Please use the information below to contact Mrs. Cutaia:
    Paul Road Twitter: @paulroadschool
    kimberly doty 
    Assistant Principal: Mrs. Kimberly Doty 



    Mrs. Doty became a part of Gates Chili in 2002.  She has spent those years at the Middle School as one of the assistant principals. Prior to that, she spent 9 years in Virginia, where she was an elementary teacher and an elementary administrator.  She is happy to return to her elementary roots as a part of Paul Road Elementary. 

    Mrs. Doty has two sons.  Her oldest is a high school teacher in Greece.  Her youngest is still exploring career ideas for his future.  Mrs. Doty is also a Dog Mom to 3 rescue dogs. 

    Mrs. Doty loves being a part of the Paul Road Community.


    Please use the information below to contact Mrs. Doty: 
    Twitter:  @paulroadschool