Student Clubs

  • At Walt Disney Elementary School, we believe that high levels of student engagement contribute to students’ academic success. Clubs and extracurricular activities enhance our students’ school experience while fostering a sense of belonging amongst students and staff. We strive to offer a wide range of opportunities for our students as we work to create a welcoming and affirming environment for all school stakeholders.

Club sessions

  • Three clubs meet monthly throughout the year while working on larger projects for our school community. Other clubs run during specified club sessions. Table 1 below describes the club sessions and meeting schedule at Walt Disney Elementary School.



    Number of Meetings

    Date Range

    Throughout the year

    • Yearbook
    • Student Newsletter

    9 (1x monthly)

    September through June



    • Up to 5 clubs based on faculty proposals

    8 (1x weekly)

    September through November



    • Up to 5 clubs based on faculty proposals

    8 (1x weekly)

    January through March



    • Up to 5 clubs based on faculty proposals

    8 (1x weekly)

    April through June



Club enrollment

  • Student club interest forms will be sent home three times a year. On these forms students will be made aware of the clubs offered in the upcoming session while having an opportunity to indicate their first, second, and third preference for club participation.

    Clubs will be offered to students in grades 2-5. Some clubs will be available to students in grades 2-3 while other clubs will be available to students in grades 4-5. Student participation in the clubs that are offered throughout the year will be limited to students in grades 4-5. The main office will monitor student participation in clubs and may recruit specific students to participate throughout the year to establish stronger connections between our students and our school.

Club Attendance

  • The main office will collect student interest forms and roster students in clubs. Club attendance will be monitored weekly by faculty advisors using the attendance tracking sheet available in our handbook. Students are expected to attend all club meetings if they are rostered for a session. Students may be removed from a club if they have two consecutive absences to accommodate other interested students who may be on a waiting list for a club.

Late Buses

  • All students will be offered an opportunity to take a late bus home from all after-school activities at Walt Disney Elementary.