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Swinging into action: Bears advocate for new swing set


Students on new swing setBrasser Bears are flying high on the school’s new swings thanks to a big push from student council.


The campaign for a new swing set began last school year. While Brasser’s primary playground, used by younger students, had its own swings, the swings used by third-, fourth- and fifth-graders were older and deteriorating and had to be removed due to safety concerns. The Brasser Student Council set out on a mission.


“We all realized that the other playgrounds at the other schools had swing sets and ours had to come down. So, we wanted to try and fix that and get a new swing set,” explained former Student Council Treasurer Anna K.



Anna along with fellow Student council officers Tim W., Baraah Z. and Arianna C. (pictured lower right) started by consulting their student council advisors and building administrators, who helped set up a meeting with Gates Chili Assistant Superintendent of Business Dr. Mitchell Ball. Impressed by the students’ advocacy, Dr. Ball tasked them with conducting research on swing sets at Gates Chili’s three other elementary schools.


Former Brasser student council officersSeizing on an opportunity to consult with students from the different schools, student council conducted their research during the annual Sam Utter Fifth Grade Track and Field Meet last June, which brings together fifth-graders from all four elementary schools. They polled students, asking how many swings their schools had and how often they get used. Based on their research, they concluded swinging is one of the most popular playground activities. It was enough to convince the district to grant their request.


On March 12, Brasser cut the ribbon on its new swing set. And although Tim, Baraah, Arianna and Anna, who are now sixth-graders at Gates Chili Middle School, don’t get to enjoy the swings every day, they are still proud of student council’s accomplishment and what it means for all current and future Brasser


“I think that we made a really big difference in making the kids happy,” said Baraah. “My sister goes to the elementary school, and she loves them. She's like, ‘I love the swings. Thank you for doing this for us!’”


“It shows other kids when they get to be on student council that they can try and make changes for the school,” added Tim.