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Junior achievement students make cents of financial literacy

Gates Chili High School students made history as the first participants in the Paychex Junior Achievement Discovery Program, which officially launched Jan. 10. The students had the unique opportunity to engage with the JA Finance Park, an initiative focused on teaching personal finance literacy, budgeting skills, and exploring career options within the Rochester region.


The JA Finance Park features 18 sponsored employer storefronts, providing students with hands-on experience in managing financial scenarios and understanding career paths. Prior to the immersive simulation program, the students received classroom lessons that laid the foundation for their practical application in the finance park.


David Pero, a business teacher at Gates Chili High School, expressed the significance of the event, stating, "This event really ties in the real-world experiences that the kids can look forward to once they become adults." The program not only equips students with essential financial knowledge but also bridges the gap between academic learning and the practical aspects of adulthood, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.