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Spartans celebrate World Kindness Day

Gates Chili students are spreading kindness in honor of World Kindness Day. 

Celebrated annually on Nov. 13, World Kindness Day serves as a reminder to prioritize compassion in our lives. People can celebrate the day by going beyond their routines to make a positive impact on others' lives.  

In honor of the day, Gates Chili High School Peer Leaders decided to break into small groups, each with a mission to spread kindness. Each small group developed little creative acts that would impact teens who deal with depression and anxiety. The goal was simple: to ensure that every student felt included.  

From beaded and braided bracelets to compliment books, each small act had a big impact on the Spartans. Peer Leadership teacher Janell Bernas said it was the students who took it upon themselves to ensure that this day was not just marked on their calendar but felt in the hearts of every student.   

The students even designed special hoodies with the words “you matter” printed on them. Additionally, they hand-folded hundreds of origami paper hearts to put on each individual locker. Nevaeh L, senior, summed up the day perfectly, telling her peers to, “spread love, spread kindness, be a leader.”