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Disney's Hanning receives state recognition

The New York State Art Teacher’s Association (NYSATA) has named Walt Disney Elementary’s art teacher Kelly Hanning an Art Educator of the Year for Region 2!

Hanning has been a teacher at Gates Chili since 2016 and serves as art content leader for grades K-5. During her time at Gates Chili, Hanning has led many curriculum projects to rewrite art curriculum to emphasize student choice and agency. She frequently collaborates with other departments to connect art to other content areas and foster students’ love of art.

“Kelly has transformed elementary art education in our district,” said art colleague Amy Cocuzzi, art teacher at Gates Chili Middle School. “Kelly is the most knowledgeable, enthusiastic and adept educator I know. She is highly motivated and a staunch advocate for art education.”

In addition to teaching elementary students at Disney, Hanning is also a practicing artist and an adjunct faculty member at Nazareth College.

Kelly Hanning