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Former grads enter district's Hall of Fame

Gates Chili is proud to add seven alumni into the Hall of Fame for 2019.


These graduates demonstrate the district’s definition of success and achievement in their contributions within their schools, families, careers and communities. 


The Hall of Fame honors graduates of Gates Chili High School, while also focusing on providing role models and incentives for current and future students. This year’s inductees include:


Mr. Craig Densmore, Class of 1970

Mr. Cosmo Giunta, Class of 1987

Mr. Michael King, Class of 1993

Mr. Scott Lyle, Class of 1986

Dr. Patrick McGrain, Class of 1990

Ms. Amanda Ross, Class of 2002

Mr. Nicholas Stefanovic, Class of 2000


The Gates Chili Hall of Fame Committee held a reception in their honor on Sept. 19 at the Italian American Community Center.


Nominations are now being accepted for Hall of Fame inductees for 2020.


Graduates of Gates Chili High School are eligible for Hall of Fame recognition, providing graduation occurred at least 15 years prior to the year in which they are nominated. Anyone can make nominations to the committee.


The Gates Chili Board of Education approved the establishment of a district Hall of Fame in October 1992.


Hall of Fame ceremony

Mr. Cosmo Giunta, Class of 1987

Hall of Fame inductees at ceremony

Hall of Fame inductees

Hall of Fame celebration on field