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GCMS Spartan Happenings Friday January 17, 2020

Today is...

Friday, January 17, 2020

It is a "B" Day 

There are late buses today. 

The Spartan Way Every Day

Respect, Responsibility, Compassion, and Hard Work 

Upcoming Events: 

  • No school for Staff and Students, Martin Luther King Day - January 20, 2020
  • No school for Students - Superintendent's Conference Day - January 24, 2020

Morning announcements: 
1. Students/Parents/Guardians: The lost and found is overflowing with clothes books and all miscellaneous items. Lost and found is in the Cafeteria! Please have your student check to see if any of their belongings are in there. 
2. Any girls who have clothes or sneakers in the girl's gym locker room needs to come and grab their stuff by today Friday, January 17, 2020. 
3. AGAPE Club will meet this Friday January 17, 2020 after school. We will be planning our Kindness Week activities and will need lots of helpers. Grab a friend and come to AGAPE on Friday! 
4. There will be Synchro practice at the HS pool on Monday, January 20th from 11am -2 pm. There is no school that day. You will need a ride to and from the HS. Be prepared to get in the pool. Snacks will be provided. All new and returning swimmers are welcome. 
5. Culinary Club permission slips are now outside the FACS room. They must be returned to Mrs. Navarro-Lindsay no later than Tuesday, January 21, 2020. 
6. The Make-A-Difference Club meeting is on Wednesday January 22, 2020 after school in Room 303. All are welcome. 
7. The National Junior Honor Society meeting scheduled for tomorrow is rescheduled for next Wednesday January 22, 2020. Please do your best to rearrange your schedules. 

Contests/Outside Activities: 

Other Information:  

Drop off and Pick up location is at Door #9 behind the school by the cafeteria. You can be dropped off beginning at 7:35 am. In order to be on time to first period, which starts at 7:58 am you need to be dropped off no later than 7:45 am. 

If you have lost any items such as clothes, shoes, lunch pail, water bottles, books, backpacks, etc... Please check the lost and found in the Cafe!

Click here for PTO information and dates for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Volunteer Opportunities at GCMS see attached any questions please contact Ms. LaManna.

Click here for Volunteer information

Click here for the Volunteer Form  

Wellness Wednesday Message is brought to you by your Middle School Psychologist:

Winter got you down? During Rochester's long, dark, cold winters, a lot of people experience the "winter blues". Sometimes, these feelings of being "down" are called Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. Symptoms of SAD include a down mood, lack of energy, and increased sleeping and eating. 

Some tips to help you through the "winter blues"

  • Take a walk outside, especially when the sun is out.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Maintain a regular sleep schedule - even on the weekend.
  • Write down your negative feelings so that you get them out of your head.
  • Plan fun activities during the cold months so that you have things to look forward to. 

 Book Commercial 

Library News:

The Library is closed after school on Tuesdays. 

Genre Labels help identify different types of books by interest. Look for these labels on the spines of our books to help you find something you would like to read.


Happy Reading! 


GCMS Intramural days will be by community. Monday's will be for Amerks only, Wednesday's Redwings only, Thursday's are Rhino's only, and Fridays all communities are welcome. Sign up on your day during your lunch period. Friday's sign up is before homeroom and spots will be limited. 

Our Winter Varsity/JV/Freshman/Modified sports are in full swing! Show your Spartan Pride and attend a game. Please remember that, as a Middle School Student you need a adult to attend any games with you! Click here for the schedule events week of January 13, 2020

Athletic Registration process:

Word of the Day: 

visage; a person face

In the window of the haunted house, a shadowy visage appeared.   

Upstander Phrase of the Day:

Smile you are beautiful. Recognize Upstander and act as Upstanders! 

Artist of the Day - Christopher 6th grade