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Scores for Grades 3-8 NYS assessments now on parent portal

Dear Fourth- through Ninth-Grade Parents/Guardians:

Last spring your child completed one or more standardized tests mandated by New York State. These assessments measure your child’s performance against the New York State Learning Standards. Reporting of scores for these examinations, including ELA and Mathematics for Grades 3-8 and Science for grades 4 and 8, are now available in the School Tool Parent Portal. These reports will no longer be printed and mailed home to all families.

To locate the scores, log in to SchoolTool. Once logged in, click the purple arrow next to the child’s name and then click the assessment tab, and then “View all NYS assessments.”

For family members who have not accessed the parent portal or would like to know how to access the parent portal please send an email to

If you would still like a printed copy, please request one through your child's classroom teacher. He or she will notify the appropriate office to have one mailed home to you.

To help parents better understand the New York State Learning Standards, the State Education Department has developed a website ( The website provides Parent & Family Resources which includes helpful information (see ). If you have questions or concerns regarding the scores, please contact your child’s classroom teacher.


Parent access to NYS assessment scores