• Message from Superintendent Search Consultant:

    Dear Gates Chili Central School District Community,


    As you are aware, Superintendent Kimberle Ward announced her decision to retire June 30, 2019. The Gates Board recognizes Mrs. Ward for her contributions to the district and best wishes are extended to her and her family.


    In my role as BOCES 2 District Superintendent, I will serve as a consultant and assist the Gates Chili Central School District Board of Education in its search for the next superintendent. In this capacity, the consultant guides the district through a process that outlines candidate qualifications, publicizes the opening, and provides a timeline and review process to narrow the pool and eventually provide finalists from which the board will select your next superintendent.


    Stakeholder and community input is a key component of a successful search. Please share your thoughts by completing the Gates Chili Superintendent Search Community Feedback survey.  As we narrow the pool to finalists, there will be open community Meet the Finalist Forums that we invite you to attend. All questions or comments are to be directed to Jo Anne Antonacci at 585-352-2411 or jantonac@monroe2boces.org.


    The goal is to have a new superintendent in place by July 2019. As the search progresses, updates will be posted to the Gates Chili website and at www.monroe2boces.org/gateschilisearch.


    We thank you for your continued support of the Gates Chili Central Schools.


    Jo Anne L. Antonacci

    Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES

    District Superintendent and Search Consultant



    Selection Timeline:

    January 4, 2019

    Deadline for submission of applications and supporting materials


    March 18, 19 and 20, 2019

    Day-long district visits for finalists, including Meet the Finalist Forums and final interviews 


    April 2019

    Board of Education announces and appoints new superintendent


    July 1, 2019

    Anticipated start date