•  The K-12 AIS Program is a state mandated program that provides high learning experiences that enable Gates Chili students to meet and exceed New York State learning standards. The K-12 Program provides extra support to students who need help in reading, writing, mathematics, social studies and science. AIS support can be received in small group sessions two or three times each week or directly in the classroom. These services are for students performing below grade level in these areas and the ultimate goal is to improve academic achievement as well confidence in the classroom.


  • Description of the program


  • Description of the program


  • The Academic Intervention Services (AIS) Compliance Plan has been developed in response to State Education Department Requirements for students. Students determined to be at risk in one or more of the following areas: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, or Social Studies may receive AIS support. The Plan outlines a screening process to be followed, which includes a set of entrance and exit criteria respectively. The intensity of service is based upon the level of performance in class and/or exams. Additionally, services may be entered, changed in intensity, or exited based upon multiple measures. These measures include teacher recommendation, classroom performance, and State Regents Scores. The AIS class is a scheduled non-bearing credit class for ½ year or full year, dependent upon a student’s performance.

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