Benvenuti! and ¡Bienvenidos!

  • Welcome to my webpage. Although it's not very exciting, you will find information about the courses I'm teaching and some basic information about me. 

    For the 2015-2016 school year I am teaching Spanish II, Italian III and Italian V. This is my 16th year teaching at Gates Chili High School. I am the Italian Club advisor and in the past I was an advisor for many years for the Spanish Club.

    Nearly 30 years ago in 1987,  I went to Italy in high school with my Italian and Spanish teacher, Mrs. Merola, and a group of students on an exchange program. I fell in love with Italy and I went again the following summer. I have been back several times since then. Mrs. Merola changed my life by opening my eyes to new cultures and languages. I truly enjoy doing the same for my students.

    I studied for a year in Urbino, Italy and traveled extensively throughout the country. I also studied for a semester in Salamanca, Spain. I took advantage of my free time outside of classes and visited a different city almost every weekend. I have also visited France, Switzerland, Peru and Costa Rica. I have traveled with Gates Chili students to Spain twice and to Costa Rica once. We visited Toronto once and we have made countless trips to NYC, including one this spring. We had an amazing trip to Spain in July last year and we are taking a combination trip to Italy and Spain in 2016. Clearly, I love teaching and travel!