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    Hi Everyone -
    For 2 weeks, we've studied the progression of the Coronavirus and it's spread through the world.  At first, our conversations on the topic lasted only a few minutes, and some of you thought I was being a little paranoid.  I understood your position, and wanted to provide you with more information.  As the days progressed, our conversations lasted longer, and your questions became more meaninful.  Some of the answers I knew, others we had to research a bit.  Ultimately, we learned about the virus together.
    Nobody knows what's going to happen next.  Maybe this crisis will pass quickly, perhaps it will not.  Either way, I hope you feel prepared to take this challenge head on.  Prepared because you know how the enemy works.  It's simple science and math.  You can make a difference going forward.  You know what to do.  We've talked about it.
    Be Well.
    Mr Picardo
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