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  • Mrs. Elliott (Kristin_Elliott@gateschili.org):  in Rm. 421        

    Students are also encouraged to download the "Remind" app. on their Smartphone or link

       their email address to "Remind" so they can receive class updates/ messages.  "Remind" 

       codes for each class are available in class.



    These items are required for class:

    -         sturdy pocket folder                                                           

    -         scrap paper- 10 sheets


    *Required items to be labeled in a pouch and left in class:

    -         calculator- solar and value <$5.00

    -         colored pencils

    -         pencil (2-#2)



    GRADING POLICY: Grades are weighted as follows:

                      Tests………………..40%     (3-4 per marking period)

                      Quiz………………...15%     (3-5 per marking period)


                      Labs………………...30%,    Pass / Fail **    (about 10 per marking period)



    **New York State Regents courses require a minimum of 30 passing labs to be permitted to take the written exam in June.  Failure to meet the 30 lab requirement ensures automatic failure of the course.  This state policy will be strictly enforced.



    Labs are given two grades: A numerical grade which counts as 30% of your class average, and a “P” or “F” for pass or fail (for the state).  Failing labs must be corrected to a passing grade either after school or by appointment only.  Labs are started in class and typically given two days to complete analysis and conclusion questions.  Questions regarding the lab, and its content, should be made prior to its due date.  “Late” labs will be served a severe penalty. (loss of 1 point on m.p. average)



    Additional help is available by appointment or after school in room 421.  These sessions are for lab correction, review, organization, and extra support on assignments.




    Prologue- Branches of Science/ Measurement

    Prologue- Density/ Graphing


    Rocks- Igneous/ Sedimentary/ Metamorphic  rock/ Rock cycle

    Chapter 1 Part I- Models of Earth/ Structure, Mapping, Time Zones

    Chapter 1 Part II- Field/ Topographic MapsMinerals- Properties of Identification

    Landscapes of NY

    Plate Tectonics- Divergent/ Convergent/ Transform boundary/ Hawaii and tsunami

    Earthquakes- P ans S waves, locating an epicenter

    Weathering- Physical vs. Chemical

    Erosion- Gravity/ Wind/ Waves/ Running Water/ Glaciers

    Geologic History- Rel. vs. Absolute dating (half life)/ Rock Correlation/Geo Time Scale

     Astronomy I A- Intro and Universe Stars/ Sun

    Astronomy I B – Gravity/ Earth’s Orbit

    Astronomy II A – Space Travel/ Planet Study

    Astronomy II B – Earth in Motion/ Seasonal Change

    Astronomy II C- Moon

    Energy and Insolation- specific heat/ conduction/ convection/ radiation

    Meteorology- Pressure/Humidity/Air Masses/Wind/Fronts/

    Meteorology- Station Models/ Severe Weather

    Climate- Climographs / Watersheds/ Infiltration/ Porosity/ Permeability/ Capillarity