Family and Consumer Sciences

Welcome to Mrs. Cotturone's Website

This site was created to familiarize students and parents with the courses that I currently teach. In addition, you will find some connections to my favorite links!

Why take classes in FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences)?

In order to:

  • Gain hands-on learning
  • Set and achieve goals
  • Learn how to work with others
  • Create foods, rooms, clothes and more!

Land a Job!

Food and nutrition: baker, chef, dietician, restaurant manager.

Human services: teacher, childcare, nurse, travel agent, social worker.

Textiles and design: retail sales, fashion designer, interior designer.

I hope you enjoy looking through this web site. I have a passion for food and I especially enjoy a good cup of Starbuck's coffee. Alton Brown from the show Good Eats on the Food Network is one of my favorite food educators. If I am not watching the food channel, cooking or baking, I am spending time with my family, pet lizards and puppy.