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    During the 2016-17 school year, I will be teaching Design & Drawing for Production, Principles of Engineering, and Metals & Fabrication. The following summaries for these courses come directly from the 2016-17 high school Program of Studies Course Selections guide.


    Design & Drawing for Production +

    Full Year Course, 1 Unit, Grades 9-12

    Prerequisite: None

    Students will work through the creative design process to develop solutions to various design problems. An emphasis will be placed on sketching and 3-D computer modeling as a means to accurately describe their solutions to problems. Students will learn the basics of: technical drawing, dimensioning, computer aided drawing, and model making.

    Note: All students may use this course to satisfy the required one unit of Art/Music credit for graduation.

    + Dual Enrollment - Students may have the opportunity to obtain college credit for this course. The college credit option DOES require a fee. Preregistration deadline is October 5.


    Principles of Engineering

    Full Year Course, 1 Unit, Grades 11-12 

    Co-Requisite/Prerequisite: Trigonometry R and Physics R


    Metals and Fabrication

    Full Year Course, 1/2 Unit, Grades 10-12

     Prerequisite: None



    Mr. Handley's Assignment Regrade Policy:



    Any assignment that is turned in on time may be reworked and submitted for regarding up to the end of the quarter in which the assignment was given. Any items in the assignment for which no attempt was made will remain a score of zero and will not be regradable. If a student does not turn in an assignment at the time it is due, he/she may request a “grace period,” at which point the assignment must be handed in at the start of the following class. The assignment will then be scored (at no penalty), but will not be eligible for regarding.

    Please note that my regrade policy takes the place of extra credit (which I do not offer at any time).