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    Welcome to Casework Corner


     with Mrs. Norris



    Welcome to the 2017-18 school year!

    Please take a moment to browse through this webpage to learn a little bit about the casework services offered at Paul Road School.  Remember to stop back frequently for updates.

    So, what is a caseworker?

    A Caseworker serves as a liaison between school, home and community, linking parents with available school and community resources to best meet the needs of a student and his/her family. We  are part of a multi-disciplinary team of individuals at school working together to make school a happy, successful place for students.

    What does a caseworker do?

    Caseworkers assist in providing counseling services to students and their families. Counseling can be provided to a student on an individual or small group basis. Groups vary based upon the needs of a building, but generally focus on issues related to social development, family issues and coping skills. All groups are voluntary and are held once weekly, usually during the student's lunch time to minimize pull outs from the classroom. Individual support is scheduled during the remaining portions of the school day at a time that best fits the student's schedule.

    In addition to working with students, Caseworkers provide assistance to teachers and other school staff, as well as parents/guardians. On this web page I will provide links to parenting sites, or you can feel free to give me a call and we can discuss the issue at hand. I am always available by phone, or we can schedule an appointment to meet individually.

    How can I access casework services?

    Students can be referred to the caseworker for on-going assistance by their parent/guardian, classroom teacher, or pupil assistance team at school. Occasionally, if a student is having a problem during the school day they may stop down for a "quick chat" and return to the classroom when feeling better.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I am always available by e-mail or phone.