The Stars Shine Bright in Room 13

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    My Family

    I am next to the bride! 


    Welcome to our class webpage. We will strive to update this regularly with pictures and news about our explorations and learning. It was fun to meet some of you at the Pirate Reading Event last week. I am looking forward to meeting more friends at Kindergarten Orientation next Wednesday, August 29, 2018! 


    Room 13 Welcomes...

    Layla, Emery, Mason, Essence, Camden, Lindyn, Phoebe, Nailah, Dylan, Mason Elijah,

    Mason Scott, Kolton, Ethan



    Sunflower Children


    Sunflower children


    nod to the sun.


    Summer is over


    school has begun


    Author unknown




    Paul Road School collects Box Tops for Education

     Each day you may choose to pack a

    Healthy Snack &

    a Water Bottle


    Together we teach and inspire excellence for all learners. 
    Upcoming Events:
    Kindergarten Orientation: 8/29/18 8:30 - 10:00
    First Day of School : 9/5/18
    Paul Road Pride Day:  Friday, 9/28/18

    Literacy Links

    Favorite Poet
    Meet writer and poet extraordinaire, Amy Ludwig Vanderwater.