Math League


Gates Chili participates in the Monroe County Math League throughout the regular school year.  Monthly meets are held from October until February and the County Meet is hosted at an area college in early March. Each month, participants choose 3 of 6 categories and are challenged by three questions per category over a ten minute time period. Correct answers receive 1, 2, or 3 points depending upon the level of difficulty of the question. Graphing calculators are allowed in the months of October, December, and February.

Extra credit is earned according to the following policy:

  • 1 point is earned for each meet attended.
  • 1 point is earned for every 4 points scored in a meet.
  • Total points are calculated and awarded at the end of each quarter.
  • Remaining points carry over to the following quarter, if available.

Two practices are held each month to prepare students for the types of questions asked in each of the 6 topics that month. 

For more info, see the advisors, Mr. Unson or Mrs. Ellerhorst. 

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