AP Calculus BC

  • This course is designed to allow the students to experience college level teaching and learning.

    The Calculus BC exam covers the same differential and integral calculus topics that are included in the Calculus AB exam, plus additional topics in differential and integral calculus, and polynomial approximations and series. This is material that would be included in a two-semester calculus sequence at the college level. Because graphing calculator use is an integral part of the course, the exam contains questions that require students to use a graphing calculator.

    If students take the BC exam, they cannot take the AB exam in the same year because the exams share some questions. Students taking the BC exam will receive a Calculus AB sub-score grade in addition to their Calculus BC grade.

    Students who successfully challenge the AP Exam in May, and score well enough, may earn college credits for both Calculus I (Differential) and Calculus II (Integral). Be sure to check with your prospective colleges to determine what AP scores are necessary in order to earn the credit you desire.


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