Class rules


    Living Environment

    Course Description:

    This course is designed to explore various aspects in the study of biology, including many areas of the living environment that a student may have never realized existed. With the science literacy that they will gain in this class, students will have the knowledge to make informed decisions about the latest issues dealing with our environment.

    Goals for the Course:

    • To develop and use scientific inquiry to pose questions, seek answers, and develop solutions.
    • To understand and apply scientific concepts, principles, and theories pertaining to the living environment.
    • To stimulate the minds of students and create a hands on approach to learning of science.
    • To develop problem solving skills.
    • To develop computer skills, public speaking, and debate

    Grading Policy:

    Exams 27%

    Quizzes 12%

    Labs 23%

    Activities 13%

    Homework 10%

    Participation 5%

    Projects 10%

    Late/Make-up Work Policy:

    • If a lab, project, or activity is not completed on the stated due date, the student will receive a 10% deduction each day.
    • If the student has a legal absent from class, the assignment due on the day of absence will be due on the day he/she returns to class.
    • In-class assignments that were missed on the day of the absence will be due on the day following the student's return to class.
    • If a student is absent on the day of an exam, he/she will have 2 days from their return to school to take an alternate version of the test.

    Behavioral Expectations:

    The rules of the class are basic, and will be strictly enforced:

    • Raise your hand when you wish to speak.
    • Speak only when recognized, or instructed to do so.
    • Work diligently and efficiently.
    • Keep hands, feet, etc. to yourself.
    • All work is to be done independently, unless students are instructed to do otherwise.
    • No negative comments and/or statements are allowed at all. 
    • Students must be in their seat when the period has begun.  Trash is to remain at your seat until the end of class.  Pencils should be sharpened during passing time.  With the exception of a rare emergency, the lavatory should be used during passing time.
      • If you are late twice without a pass, you will receive detention.
      • Students are not allowed to go to their lockers after class has begun, therefore assignments left in lockers will be late.

    Supplemental Material:

    Classroom Materials/Supplies: Three-ring binder (for science only) with several dividers and paper; and several pens, pencils, and an eraser. 

    Lab Materials/Supplies: Ruler, Goggles, Gloves, Colored Pencils, Dissection Kit - all lab materials will be provided by the instructor  

    In addition to daily instruction time, students will be scheduled for a specified lab period(s) each week.  A NYSED prerequisite for admission to the Regents Examination in Living Environment, each student must have successfully completed 1200 minutes of laboratory experience.  Students must also complete several mandatory labs that are given to us by the NYSED each year on a rotating basis in order to be admitted to the Regents Examination. 

    Extra Help and Parent/Teacher Conference Scheduling:

    Any student in need of extra help can schedule a mutually convenient time during or after school, between the hours of 8am-3pm.  In addition, students and/or parents can e-mail with any questions/comments, or schedule a meeting pertaining to any issues associated with the class.


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