Here is a list of websites that students can access for help on homework and to prepare for tests/quizzes. Certain websites are better than others for selected topics.

    Fantastic site that directly reflects the Math A and the Math B curriculum. This website provides notes and practice examples. As you enter the site click on the "Math A" icon for Algebra R and Algebra I courses, and select your area of interest.
    Great website for selected topics in all levels of 7th-10th grade math.
    Great website providing notes and examples that cover topics taught in Math A and Math B.
    A good website for 7th through 12th grade Math topics. Click on the topic links at the top of the page.
    For 7th through 12th grade math topics. Click on the tab menus at the top of the page for the appropriate grade level (Topics such as...Trigonometry, Slope, Polynomials, Inequalities, Fractions, Decimals...).
    Click here to find help with topics taught from 7th through 12th grade math. Nice website.
    This link covers selected topics taught in Math A. The link provides practice problems with solutions.
    This website provides the learner with interactive, visual manipulatives to define the following topics: Percents-click on # & Operation, Transformations (Rotations, Reflections etc.)- click on Geometry, Factor Trees- click on # & Operations, Box and Whisker Plots- click on Data Analysis.
    Good Site for all levels of 7th through 10th grade math. Here you will find practice worksheets with answers for all major topics. This is a good review tool for all exams. Click on the link- Algebra I and II for a generic overview of topics taught.
    Click on the index to see quick definitions/examples of selected math concepts.
    This website covers the basic concepts taught in both 8th and 9th grade math. Make sure you click on "lessons" or "worksheets" and then navigate to the appropriate topic.