Pre-Calc Topics


    Here you will find all of the daily topics listed in chronological order. If you are absent or just want to work ahead, find the topic or unit that we are currently working on. Next search the hot-links listed under the student resource section to find the topic for the unit that you want to research.

    Day 1- Course Introduction.

    Unit #1- Systems of Equations and Inequalities 

    -Day 2-1.1 Interval Notation and Systems of Equations

    -Day 3-1.2-Solving Systems of Quadratic and Linear Equations

    -Day 4-1.3-Systems of Equations (3 Variables)...Gaussian Elimination

    -Day 5-1.4-TMWK on Gaussian Elimination

    -Day 6-1.5-Gaussian Elimination/Substitution with Word Problems

    -Day 7-1.6-4X4 Systems of Equations

    -Day 8-1.7-3X3 Quadratic Equation systems

    -Day 9-1.8-Solving Functions Graphically

    -Day 10-1.9-Finding Solutions from Functions Graphically

    -Day 11-1.10-Solving Quadratics

    -Day 12-1.11-Absolute Value and Radical Equations

    -Day 13-1.12-Quadratic Inequalities

    -Day 14-1.13-TMWK on Quiz #2

    -Day 15-Unit #1 Exam

    Unit #2 Theory of Functions

    -Day 16-2.1-Functions and Slopes of Tangent Lines

    -Day 17-2.2-Slopes...Limits...Difference of Quotient

    -Day 18-2.3-Intro to Functions

    -Day 19-2.4-Compositions of Functions and Operations

    -Day 20-2.5-Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers

    -Day 21-2.6-Compositions of Functions and Function Review

    -Day 22-2.7-Decomposition of Functions

    -Day 23-2.8-Function Transformations (CBAD)

    -Day 24-2.9-Transformations (Day-2)

    -Day 25-2.10-Teamwork...Transformations (Day-3)

    -Day 26-2.11-Teamwork...Quiz Review (2.5-2.10)

    -Day 27-Unit #2 Quiz (2.5-2.10)

    -Day 28-2.12-Piecewise Functions

    -Day 29-2.13-Multi-Rule Definition for Absolute Value

    -Day 30-2.14-Alternate Definition

    -Day 31-2.15-Even vs. Odd Functions

    -Day 32-2.16-Inverse Functions

    -Day 33-2.17-Complex Fractions

    -Day 34-2.18-Composition of Complex Fractions with Restricted Domains

    -Day 35-Unit #2 Review

    -Day 36-Unit #2 Exam

    Unit #3-Polynomials

    -Day 37-3.1-Polynomial Characteristics

    -Day 38-3.2-Hidden Graphical Behaviors of Polynomials

    -Day 39-3.3-Polynomial Long Division + Synthetic Division + Remainder Theorem

    -Day 40-3.4-TMWK on Unit #3 Review

    -Day 41-Unit #3 Quiz (To Date)

    -Day 42-3.5-Rational Root Theorem (Day-1)

    -Day 43-3.6-TMWK on Rational Root Theorem (Day-2)

    -Day 44-3.7-Writing Polynomial Equations

    -Day 45-Unit #3 Review (Day-1)

    -Day 46-Unit #3 Review (Day-2)

    -Day 47-Unit #3 Exam

    Unit #4-Exponential Functions and Logarithms

    -Day 48-Intro to Exponential Functions

    -Day 49-4.2-Exponential Function Transformations

    -Day 50-4.3-Exponent Rules

    -Day 51-4.4-Exponential Growth and Decay

    -Day 52-4.5-Teamwork Exponential Growth and Decay

    -Day 53-4.6-Intro to Logarithms

    -Day 54-4.7-Log Transformations (CBAD)

    -Day 55-4.8-Unit #4 Quiz Review

    -Day 56-Unit #4 Quiz (To Date)

    -Day 57-4.9-Log Properties Revisited

    -Day 58-4.10-Domain with Logs and Log Equations

    -Day 59-4.11-Log Equations

    -Day 60-4.12-Log Equations with Log Expressions on Both Sides of Equal Sign

    -Day 61-4.13-Log Equations (Creating Quadratics)

    -Day 62-4.14-Logistic Application Problems

    -Day 63-Unit #4 Review (Day-1)

    -Day 64-Unit #4 Review (Day-2)

    -Day 65-Unit #4 Exam

    Unit #5-Conics

    -Day 66-5.1-Equations of Circles

    -Day 67-5.2 Graphing and Writing Equations of an Ellipse

    -Day 68-5.3-Teamwork Graphing Circles and Ellipses

    -Day 69-5.4-Equations of Hyperbolas

    -Day 70-5.5-Teamwork on Conics Review

    -Day 71-5.6-Conics and Complete the Square + Teamwork on Conics

    -Day 72-5.7-Parabolas

    -Day 73-5.8-Shifted Parabolas

    -Day 74-5.9 Teamwork on Shifted Parabolas

    -Day 75-5.10-Complete the Square with Parabolas

    -Day 76-Unit #5 Review (Day-1)

    -Day 77-Unit #5 Review (Day-2)

    -Day 78-Unit #5 Exam

    Unit #6-Rational Functions

    -Day 79-6.1-Intro to Rational Functions

    -Day 80-6.2-Simplify Rational Function Equations and their Graphs (Day-1)

    -Day 81-6.3-Simplify Rational Function Equations and their Graphs (Day-2)

    -Day 82-6.4 Slant Asymptotes

    -Day 83-6.5-Building Rational Equations

    -Day 84-6.6-Rational Equations and Rational Inequalities

    -Day 85-Unit #6 Review (Day-1)

    -Day 86-Unit #6 Review (Day-2)

    -Day 87-Unit #6 Exam

    Unit #7 Trigonometry Functions

    -Day 88-7.1-Intro to Trig

    -Day 89-7.2-Exact Values for 30,45,60 and Reference Angles in Quadrant II

    -Day 90-7.3-Reference Angles in Quadrant III and IV

    -Day 91-7.4-Convert Degress to Radians and Evaluate Functions

    -Day 92-7.5-Reciprical Functions (Day-1)

    -Day 93-7.6-Teamwork on Reciprical Functions (Day-2)

    -Day 94-7.7-Pythagorean Triangles (Day-1)

    -Day 95-7.8-Pythagorean Triangles (Day-2)

    -Day 96-7.9-Cofunctions

    -Day 97-Unit #7 Review (Day-1)

    -Day 98-Unit #7 Review (Day-2)

    -Day 99-Unit #7 Exam

    Unit #8 Trigonometry Graphs

    -Day 100-8.1-Trig Graphs

    -Day 101-8.2-Amplitude. Frequency, Period

    -Day 102-8.3-Sine and Cosine Transformations

    -Day 103-8.4-Sinusodial Functions

    -Day 104-8.5-Teamwork on Sinusodial Transformations (Day-2)

    -Day 105-8.6-Inverse Functions (Day-1) + Quiz (Unit #8 To Date)

    -Day 106-8.7-Teamwork on Inverse Functions (Day-2)

    -Day 107-Unit #8 Review

    -Day 108-Unit #8 Exam

    Unit #9 Trigonometry Applications

    (Removed from the curriculum to create days for final exam review)


    Unit #10 Trigonometry Equations

    -Day 109-10.1-Solving Trig. Equations

    -Day 110-10.2-Solve Trig. Equations with Quadratic Formula

    -Day 111-10.3-Double/Triple Trig. Equations

    -Day 112-10.4 Trig. Equation Practice

    -Day 113-Unit #10 Quiz (To Date)

    -Day 114-10.5-Trig Equations with Identities

    -Day 115-10.6-Teamwork on Trig Equations with Identities

    -Day 116-Unit #10 Review (Day-1)

    -Day 117-Unit #10 Review (Day-2)

    -Day 118-Unit #10 Exam

    -Day 119-.........-In Class Final Exam Review