Global 10

  • Welcome to the Global 10 Homepage! 

    Global 10 concentrates on the 18th Century until Present Day, and how modern advances in science, technology, and economics have diverted the development of modern society. We study the Age of Imperialism, the many crises of the 20th century, the Cold War-era, and modern Nationalist and Independence movements. Students are encouraged to analyze events from other perspectives in order to understand multiple perspectives. 

    Students will determine the perspectives, bias, and meanings of different primary documents in order to gain a better understanding the circumstances surrounding historical events.  

    Here you will find materials used in our Global 10 classes. I will post my classroom rules, syllabus, review packets, notes, and vocabulary lists for everybody to see and utilize. I will try to put these in as pdf files, but I may have a few things on here in Microsoft Word, as a forewarning. 

    I will also put in some links that I find helpful and may even use them as an extra credit assignment!

    Near the end of the year, I will upload some Regents Prep work for students to complete in order to prepare themselves for the Regents exam in June. This will assist students in reviewing the key material we have studied in the course. Although there is a lot of history, we can boil it down to a few key ideas!!! 

    Thanks for stopping by,

    Mr. G