Assignment - Your Plot Plan

  • Assignment: Create a Site Plot Plan of where you live. Do the best of your ability.
    Rough estimate on any dimensions and features.

    Tools to use: Pencil, Ruler, Paper

    • Draw a picture of the perimeter of your family's home property.
      Include the following:
      • House
      • Yard
      • Driveway
      • Any additional features: shed, outdoor equipment, fence, etc.
      • Trees, shrubs and other landscaping
      • If possible, plot locations or pathways of utilities. Example RGE, water, etc.


    • Step 1: Determine property boundaries. This would be completed by a licensed surveyor, but you will be guessing and estimating the perimeter. 
    • Step 2: Determine the location of all structures and other physical features to be shown on the plot plan. You will have to estimate/guess the size (not including height) of all buildings on your property as well as other important man-made structures (carport, garden shed, driveways, decks and the like). 
    • Step 3: Draw the plan. Sketch everything first, then redraw a final copy neatly.




    1. Drawing Completeness  0 1 2 3 4 5 6
    2. Dimensions Specs         0 1 2 3 4
    3. Requirements List         0 1 2 3 4
    4. Quality                         0 1 2 3 4
    5. Scale                           0 1 2
    6. Neatness                      0 1 2

    Total Score ____

    Score          Criteria: Drawing Accuracy and Completeness Description

    0                 No attempt was made to accurately create the drawing.

    1                 Major pieces of the drawing are missing
                         - Geometric shapes are incomplete or incorrect
                         - Little or no understanding of the key concepts of the drawing

    2                 Some construction methods are applied and understood
                         - Major drafting errors are still present
                         - Basic forms are inaccurately applied or still not present

    3                 Demonstrate ability to create Architectural plans and drawings
                         - Necessary elements are evident
                         - Several drafting errors are still present
                         - Some understanding of the overall drawing concept is present

    4                 Demonstrate ability to effectively create an Architectural drawing
                         - All necessary drawing elements are evident



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