Cover Page

  • Students are tasked with creating a design to decorate their folder. 

    PROBLEM: You are to design a cover page for your binder/folder. This cover page is to show off your best ability of drawing and design.

    1. Receive paper and fold it into FOUR sections
    2. Make rough sketch ideas of what you want your cover to look like
    3. Choose the best idea and seek instructor approval
    4. Receive final paper and begin the final cover page drawing using color
    5. Turn in your creative activity for a grade
    • YOUR NAME - 10pts - First and Last
    • PERIOD - 10pts - Opportunity
    • COURSE NAME - 10pts - DDP
    • TEACHERS NAME - 10pts
    • 3 COLORS other than BLACK, WHITE and GRAY - 30pts
      • Green, orange, red, blue, ex.
    • 2 SHAPES - 20pts
    • 2 LINES - 20pts - not apart of other requirements
    • 2 PICTURES - 20pts
    Once finished, on the back of your drawing, write 3 sentences about your design.
    • What type of design is it? Functional or Aesthetic?
    • Any Design Elements used?
    • Any Art Principles used?