Marble Over the Wall

  • Marble Over the Wall
    Design and Drawing for Production

    OBJECTIVE:  To get a standard sized marble over a wall and into a target on the other side


    • You cannot touch the marble with your hand
    • Your project cannot touch the wall during the processes
    • Your hand cannot simulate “LIFTING” in any way
    • The marble must be brought up from the base and sent OVER the wall, not around the side.  Marble will start within 2” from the base.
    • Your project can hang over the wall by 3 inches, but cannot drop down towards the target
    • The project must be able to sit by itself without your support of holding it


    - Paper cups                                             - Large paper clips
    - Small paper clips                                    - Large index cards
    - Small index cards                                   - 12" of twine
    - Large craft sticks                                    - Small craft sticks
    - 4" paper squares                                    - 12" of masking tape
    - Hot Glue                                                - Pipe Cleaner


    • Teams of 3 - Instructor approves teams of 4
    • Create a Logo
      • Create  a Logo - 3 rough sketches per person, choose 1 for approval
      • Create a Team Name - 1 suggestions per person, seek approval by instructor
      • Complete Research sheet - Instructor provided
      • Rough sketches of project
        • 5 rough sketches (per person) of possible solutions
        • 3 refinement sketches (per person) of possible solutions
        • 1 final drawing per team - a side view is fine 
      • Get parts approval
      • Create a working prototype for a "Blue X"
        • Must consistently score 65 or higher 10 times in a row!
      • Create a PowerPoint presentation of the project for presentation
        • Present project
      • Test Project for a Grade on Competition Day

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