• Packaging Challenge
    Egg Drop / Crush / Mail

    The EGG Packaging project is by far the most fun and messy project the students will do during the school year.

    The object of the EGG: DROP/ CRUSH / MAIL is for the students to get into teams of 3 and design a package for 3 eggs. Students will use package design developments to help them figure out what type of box will protect the eggs the best.

    The eggs will be subjected to several different tortures: Drop, Crush, and being sent through the mail.

    Students will create 3 identical boxes, and will come up with a product in which they will decorate their boxes with pictures and colors. The object of the activity is for all 3 eggs to survive all the torture tests. Their boxes are the only thing standing in the way of total smush!




    • Choose Teams of 2 or 3
    • Draw 3 sketches of a possible team logo per person
    • Create 1 team name per person
    • Seek instructor approval

    • Receive Portfolio and choose the best logo idea from your teammates and redraw a neater and more colorful drawing, full size on the front cover of the folder
    • Begin keeping a journal of your day to day progress. 1 sentence per person is fine.
    • Complete your research for the project
    • Begin creating 4 sketches of possible exterior and 2 interior features per person of potential mock-up designs
    • Redraw basic sketches larger and neater - 2 redraws of exterior and interior per person

    • Gather appropriate packaging materials to use in your project
    • Receive template and then create and label the mock up to show the instructor your final solution
    • Receive final construction paper to build the 3 prototypes
    • Color and complete the prototypes
    • Create the PowerPoint presentation according to the rubric

    • Present project to class
    • Test for a grade: Drop, Crush and Mail