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    • I grew up in East Irondequoit and went to Bishop Kearney H.S.
    • I currently live in West Irondequoit.
    • I have one brother, 1 nephew who lives in California with his wife and 1 niece who works in the adult care field in the Rochester area.
    • I have a great dog. His name is Franklin (I named him after FDR and Benjamin Franklin); Hey what can I say , I teach US History. He is 10 years old and is starting to turn gray in some areas :( . He is part Beagle and part  Jack Russell Terrier. He still acts like a puppy. He is a little mischievous , sometimes naughty, and is a talented escape artist. He exhibits traits from both breeds. (Beagle: sniffing, sniffing, sniffing, did I say sniffing?, tri-color coat)  (Jack Russell Terrier: little beard on his chin,always on the hunt for chipmunks and squirrels )(but don't worry, he only thinks he can catch  them). He is on the exuberant and active side. Basically, he is a great dog and is usually well behaved. He loves his bones and nightly walks. I was able to train him within 3 days!!! Not just because he is my dog, but, Franklin is very intelligent . He has a rather good knoweledge of words and commands for a dog and he always let's me know what he wants.(Strangely, ice cubes are his favorite)
    • My hobbies include reading. My favorite genres are detective fiction, true crime and historical fiction and non fiction on aviation, cars, medicine, law and of course, US History, watching movies,  eating and cooking (Italian, Chinese, desserts and steak are my favorites), travel,computers, all type of cars 1950's- Present including my 2017 Camaro RS 2LT 50th Anniversary Special Edition. I have a keen interest in things related to aviation and post WWII Automobiles.
    •  I am in my 38th year of teaching Social Studies.Wow!! where has the time gone?
    • I started my teaching career at St. Pius Tenth School in Chili. I taught 7th and 8th grade social studies, 7th and 8th grade Reading and 8th grade Spanish.
    • My next teaching job was at the Aquinas Institute. I taught Global History 9 and 10, US History,Psychology, and AP US History.
    • I have begun my 20th year at Gates Chili HS !! (I can't believe it)
    • Over my career, I have taught all the main social studies courses in grades 7-12 with the  exception of  Economics. I have taught a few electives  over my career: AP Psychology, psychology and sociology and Current Issues.
    • I have always taught some sort of US History course since I began teaching. 
    • I have myMS. ed. in Secondary Social Studies Education (7-12) from the S.U.N.Y. College at Brockport.
    • I have my Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and minor degrees in Secondary Social Studies Education ,Psychology and Spanish from St. John Fisher College.
    • This year I am teaching USHG, APUSH, and Global 9




    "I just finished eating your homework! Ah, and now time for a nap."

    e    as a young dog f Beagle + Jack Russell Terrier = Franklin