• Expectations


    Earth science and chemistry are regents level classes. Students are expected to learn the required content given by the New York State Education Department throughout the year. The content they will learn will culminate in a regents exam in June.

    Lab Requirements

    Students are required by the state to successfully complete 1200 minutes of laboratory work. This is equivalent to 30 passing labs through out the year. If a student does not complete this laboratory work they will not be able to sit for the regents exam in June which results in an automatic failure of the course. A student that does not sit for the exam will also be unable to take the course in summer school.


    Any work assigned is expected to be completed the day it is due. Unless an arrangement has been made with the teacher due to a special circumstance, all work not handed in the day it is due will be given a zero. All homework assignments and their due dates are listed on the homepage under homework.


    If a student is absent they are required to make up the work as soon as possible. Make arrangements with the teacher to find a day after school to make up the missed lab or content work. Unless new material has been learned in order to do homework, homework is expected to be completed at its due date. Students will usually have 2-3 days to complete homework. All homework and its due date is listed on the homepage. All missed labs are required to be made up unless noted otherwise.


    All students are expected to act in a mature manner. School and the classroom is a place for learning and full cooperation is expected by everyone involved. If a student is misbehaving and is disruptive to the learning process they will be dealt with accordingly.


    Tests         =    40%

    Labs          =    25%

    Quizzes     =    15%

    Homework  =    20%

    Materials needed

    Three ring binder, loose leaf paper, pens, pencils, calculator (scientific is preferred), folder, colored pencils, highlighter, review book(purchased at the bookstore sometime after Thanksgiving; cost approximately $9:00). Some of these supplies will now be provided by the district.