4th & 5th Grade After-School Chorus - 4th & 5th After-School Chorus

  • Please check out the recordings from past Spring and Winter Concerts!

    This ensemble practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:05– 8:50 in the music classroom and consists of approximately forty-five 4th & 5th grade students, chosen for their musical abilities, interest, and participation in class.  The number of students in before-school chorus must be limited for safety reasons and instrumental availability.  This ensemble works with a variety of instruments, including the voice, to develop a program of performance pieces that are shared at the Band / Chorus concerts in January and May.  Before-school chorus offers an additional enrichment time for those with strong skills and interest. 

    In order for your child to be in this ensemble, your child must be able to come to all of the rehearsals as well as the concerts.  The success of the group depends on it.   (Please note the only excused absence is sickness.) 



    Rehearsal Information

    This group will meet every Tuesday and Thursday from late-September to early January (1/16). 


    Our rehearsals will resume in February (2/25) and continue through mid-May (5/14).


    This year our last rehearsal is on Thursday, May 14th.


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