Reading Center

  • The Reading Center is a resource for students and teachers.

    READING according to Webster's New World Dictionary (1991) is "getting the meaning of something written by using the eyes to interpret its characters"

    "Reading is not a technical skill acquired once and for all in the primary grades, but rather a developmental process.  A reader's competence continues to grow through engagement with various types of texts and wide reading for various purposes over a lifetime" (NCTE,204,1).

    Our mission here at the high school is continue to develop reading competence by exposing our students to all types of text through their core classes in English, History, Mathematics, the Sciences,  and elective classes.  Students in high school are exposed to heavily expository-based reading; skills and strategies are needed to help the students become literate and contributing citizens in a global world. 

    The Reading teacher at the high school is Mrs. Preston, ext. 2294